Welcome, bright soul. I’m glad you’re here.
Allow me to tell you a bit more about who I am…

My name is Britta Gudmunson. I grew up in the forests of the majestic Puget Sound and it is near the water and among the tall trees that I feel truly home. Among many things, I am

  • A holistic wellness advisor
  • An Essential Oil enthusiastic
  • A Yoga Teacher
  • An Ecstatic Dancer & Facilitator
  • A Musician & Playlist Mixologist
  • A Photographer
  • A Minister of the Universal Life Church
  • A lover of life and a servant of Great Spirit….

That’s a lot, right??? I’ve always thought so. And for many years I felt hopelessly overwhelmed by all my various interests. Then through a series of seemingly miraculous and synchronistic events, I moved to Los Angeles in the Winter of 2012 and the pieces of the puzzle began to fall nicely into place! It became apparent to me that a life of holistic health was the greatest gift I could give myself, and as a happy side effect, I could also spread that message to my greater community.

My approach to wellness…

I am convinced that true health begins by examining our

  • Mental & Emotional Well-Being
  • Nutritional Habits
  • Movement & Exercise
  • Rest & Stress Management
  • Toxic Intake
  • Natural & Informed Healthcare
  doT wellness pyramid

And I Believe that ONLY by addressing these aspects of our lives FIRST, we can prevent most illness and disease.
We are never too young to begin prevention, and we are never too old to begin a new health regimen!

Another Crucial Element…

I cannot speak about true health without also mentioning the absolute necessity of getting our mind right. By that, I mean to say that we are creatures of habit as well as story-tellers, and though those characteristics make us human, they bring us an awful lot of suffering. It has been my personal experience that in order to create a real shift in our lives, whether we want to be thinner or wiser or more at peace, we must first examine what thoughts and beliefs fill our headspace, and be willing to let go of what is not serving us.

This is one of my favorite quotes in the entire world:


Translation: we can’t keep doing the same old thing and expect different results! Want to see positive change in your life? Start by taking a look in the mirror and being honest with yourself. Intrigued by this concept but not sure what to do about it? Check out the Lightworker’s Library on my blog, an ever-growing book list of titles to help us see and untangle our own interworkings.

So, What is Green & Violet?

G&V is the lovechild of all my spiritual, artistic and vocational interests. It is my own personal holistic wellness brand that represents the basis of how I want to live my life (plus, my last name is difficult to spell. “Green & Violet” felt like a good altar ego.)

The aim of Green & Violet is to assist folks around the globe in developing daily practices to increase vitality and enliven the spirit. There are a myriad of ways in which to live a fuller, more satisfying life. It is my intention to provide tools, inspiration and guidance to my community so that we may all live with full, open hearts and a greater appreciation for the gift of this human experience.


GREEN symbolizes the heart + VIOLET symbolizes the crown = LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS.

It is my personal mission to live with an open heart, continually seeking how I may be of service.

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Breathe deep,
Seek peace,

Britta GreenViolet

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Kindest Gratitude!