Coaching with Britta GreenViolet

I’m glad you made it.
Let’s get down to business, shall we?


Food Intervention & Ritualized Routines


I am a food interventionist.

I help teachers, coaches, and entrepreneurs who are struggling with a lack of energy, mental clarity and confidence in their body to step fully into their roles of leadership and be present and focused for their students and clients.

My offering is unique because I bring my original medicine to my work— which means everything I do springs from a deep well of spiritual practice and reverence for the very nature of what it means to be human.

I work with individuals and groups and offer several programs and services, all oriented towards creating routines of ritualized self-care in your life.

Why rituals, you ask?

Because when something is meaningful to us, we take it more seriously. We are more likely to chew our food slowly if we have an embodied reason for doing so and are motivated by our soul’s yearning to connect with source and our planet, not just by a need to fit into a smaller dress size.


My Methodology


In my programs working with clients, I operate from a unique methodology that I call the
RITUALS of Self-Care System, which entails:

R: Reinvent your goals based on how you want to feel rather than outcome-oriented action

I: Invite in the sacred by creating routines of mindfulness and self-care

T: Take control of your energy levels without drugs or stimulants 

U: Unleash the full potential of your focus and gain mental clarity through diet and lifestyle

A: Allow your body to speak to you and learn to give it what it really needs to thrive

L: Let go of old stories in a uniquely-tailored soundscape coaching session

S: Step onto a new path of embodied, confident leadership with a personalized wellness toolkit


Creating Clarity Sessions


The first step in my process is to conduct a Creating Clarity Session.
In this session, we’ll get clear on your top priorities in the realms of well-being, identify the lifestyle behaviors and beliefs that have been blocking your genius, and create a plan that leaves you crystal clear on the next steps towards a thriving mind, body, and spirit.

 These sessions are about 30 minutes long and are a great chance to be heard and simply reflect on your own well-being from a birds-eye view.
My aim is to provide a safe space for reflection and inspire you to take the necessary steps to break through anything blocking you from your greatest potential.

Does that resonate with you? If so, please visit my client calendar HERE and book a free session with me!

All journeys begin with a single step, my friend… Let me take it with you!


My Programs & Services



I offer both 3-Month & 6-Month Programs, where we work with my one of a kind RITUALS of Self-Care System to realize your top goals. Along the way, I offer you inspiration, resources, guidance, and always provide loving but firm accountability so you stay on track towards the things you most desire to accomplish. 

Both my 3 and 6 Month Programs include the following:

  • 2 x 45 minute sessions per month
  • Unlimited email access with me plus optional SOS phone calls in between sessions (1 per month)
  • Resources, handouts and gifts along the way uniquely selected for you
  • Each program includes ONE of the following special sessions: 
    • Food Intervention session (1 hour, for in-person clients only), OR
    • Ritualize a Meal Makeover session (1 hour, for in person or Skype clients)


For clients who are unable or not quite ready to commit to a program, or who want to have a direct experience of working together before enrolling in a program, I also offer the following Kitchen Intervention Session as a once a year service:

  • 2-hour session (in-person only)
  • Available for Santa Barbara & Los Angeles residents, or wherever I might be available!
  • Session consists of both a Food Intervention session AND a Ritualize a Meal Makeover (see descriptions below).
  • You’ll also receive a signed copy of my book, Eat Here Now, to assist you in continuing your journey down the path of holistic nourishment. Read more about my newly published book HERE!
  • Clients are limited to one K.I.S. per 12-month period


Description of Services:


If you are wondering what these enticingly-named sessions with me look like, take a gander below!

  • Food Intervention Session: You take me on a tour of your cabinets, fridge and kitchen drawers, and together we come up with a Kitchen Upgrade shopping and tool list. Also includes suggestions for recipes and resources to get you started towards your personalized wellness goals. 
  • Ritualize a Meal Makeover: We’ll sit down and enjoy a nosh together (prepared and provided by yours truly) and I’ll coach you on mindful eating techniques, showing you how to ritualize your meals for optimal digestion, increased joy and enhanced food awareness. 



Perhaps you’ve gotten this far and you’re thinking,

“Wow. Awesome. I could totally use this. It sounds rad. And I’m already overwhelmed. ”

Not to fear, friend. One step at a time. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight— and you don’t need to change every aspect of your life to begin to feel a positive difference!

If you’ve crossed a threshold lately…
If you’re worried about another 10 years passing you by before you release that excess weight, or clear that brain fog, or start that new creative project…
If you are DONE feeling stagnant…
If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired…

No need to overwhelm yourself.
It’s simple.
It begins with by Creating Clarity.
Let’s do this!
You are worth investing in! Allow me to help you. I am at your service, you brilliant, wonderful being.

Get your Creating Clarity Session on the calendar TODAY and watch the transformation begin.


In love, all love,