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Here’s my newest motto:

Forget about looking good naked. Focus on feeling good naked.

This may come as quite a shock to you, especially if you happen to be a female. Pressure to look good reigns supreme in this society. But here’s the rub— we will never lose weight by focusing our attention on our weight. I am a faithful believer in the law of attraction, the reason being that I myself am proof of it’s infallible nature. Nowadays, with myself and my clients, I encourage what I called pleasure-based movement. Quite simply, it means to find the ways that you and your uniquely perfect body love to move. Then go out and do it! Who cares what it is; maybe you love jumping around on huge trampolines, or walking in the forest, or swimming in the ocean, or joining your local kickball league. Whatever it is, if it brings you JOY, then do it! Let burning calories by a bi-product of your bliss. The point of shedding pounds, after all, is not to simply weigh less or be thinner. That is not a goal in and of itself. So what is behind your fitness desires? Let joy be the purpose of your movement. Here are a couple ways I love to move, and offer my guidance and teachings in facilitation:


I live a kaleidoscopic existence of creativity and joy, working as a holistic wellness advocate to empower others into health & happiness. Certified by Yoga Alliance as RYT 200 in the tradition of Hatha yoga, my path as a teacher is deeply rooted in awe and wonderment of our world and the innate wisdom we all possess. A devout student and practitioner of yoga, music & ecstatic dance, I have discovered the power to alter my own life and consciousness through the practice of movement, stillness and sound.

Profoundly inspired by the richness and connectivity of the senses, I often utilize the incredible powers of aroma in my yoga classes and workshops. My path as a teacher is interwoven with consistent connection to breath, aromatherapy and use of instruments, music and voice. These tools, along with a deeply rooted gratitude for the gift of life on this earth and a constant turning towards the present moment, allow me to facilitate a practice that is uniquely constructed and authentically offered.

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A great thanks, many blessings and Namaste!

Sacred Dance

Have you heard the term “ecstatic dance” and wondered, what is this hippy s#@t all about, anyway?

My explanation
  • Ecstatic or sacred dance, in the simplest terms, is dance therapy. Sober, self-directed, non-choreographed dance therapy.
  • Like yoga or meditation, it is a practice that brings our emotional inner landscape into contact with our physical body, allowing energy to move around, be released, or invited in.
Here’s why I recommend giving it a go
  • I can pretty much guarantee you are a much better dancer before you’ve had that drink at the bar or club.
  • Free-form dancing (that is, not in a class where you’re following steps or an instructor) can lead to seriously inspiring breakthroughs, bodily and psychologically. And thus…
  • It can be really fun. Or really challenging. Or both. Or anywhere in between.
  • And oh, by the way, getting really sweaty on the dance floor is a great workout!
Here’s what I offer you as a facilitator
  • An open space for the practice of movement.
  • A safe place to explore the many facets of your unfathomably amazing physical form.
  • Inspired by Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms, I create a musical journey that explores the inner and outer realms of your human form.
  • An invitation to seriously question the notion of self-consciousness, and attempt to suspect judgement of yourself and others. Easier said than done, believe me!
I honestly believe
  • Being in our bodies is part of a greater spiritual path- perhaps the most foundational structure of connecting with our higher selves.
  • Only through starting with our physical form can we transcend it, past thought, past ego, into a place of cosmic connection.
  • Dancing has always held a crucial role in our ancestral traditions. Look down any lineage or into any civilization or culture, and you’ll find dance at the center of spiritual and ritualistic rites.
  • The dance floor is a place of worship-a place we can go to discover and rediscover the divine beauty in ourselves and in others.
  • You literally can’t do it wrong! So what have you got to lose? (except some extra weight, that is.)
  • The BEST kind of workout is when you’re having so much fun you forget you’re working out. BOOM.
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