(FREE!) Morning Water Meditation.
A simple ritual to increase energy, clear brain fog, improve digestive health and deepen your relationship with your body.


I’m britta g, food interventionist & self-care advocate.


I help teachers, coaches and entrepreneurs
who are struggling with a lack of energy, mental clarity and confidence in their body
to step fully into their roles of leadership and be present and focused for their students and clients.


With a background in Integrative Nutrition, movement, sound healing & aromatherapy, I assist folks like you to develop daily lifestyle practices to increase vitality & enliven the spirit.


Take a look around and let me know how i may be of service!


My Services

Health Coaching
Essential Oils

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I live in Southern California, and work throughout the world. To coordinate new work with me,
Email britta@greenandviolet.com
or visit the calendar to see what I’m up to.


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Why “green & violet?”

Green symbolizes the heart Violet symbolizes the crown


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